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The Foundation/Alumni Association’s mission is to provide need-based tuition assistance to boys regardless of their financial situation and to supplement teachers’ salaries in order to attract and retain the best and the brightest educators.


Rocket Owned Business Directory



Welcome to the Catholic High School Rocket Owned Business Directory. In our continuing effort to support our graduates and our families, we invite all Rocket-owned businesses and services, that are allowed to advertise their business, to submit their information on this public, consumer-friendly and searchable website. The directory is designed to help alumni and friends establish and develop business relationships with other members of the school.

We will promote the directory in the Cicerone newsletter as well as other venues to remind you to use the directory. Your business does not have to be located in Arkansas since we have alumni all over the United States. We want all our friends and family to know the Rocket owned businesses in their area.

Small businesses are generally considered the backbone of American ingenuity and impact local economies in cities and towns across the country. So whether it’s a privately-owned company, a partnership, sole proprietorship, or home-based business, we encourage you to show your support for small business everywhere and especially those created, owned, and operated by fellow Rockets.

Terms of Use

By accessing this Directory you agree to the following terms of use: The use of this Directory contained within for solicitation purposes of any kind is strictly prohibited.  In addition, using the information contained in this Directory for any unauthorized private, commercial, or political mailing is prohibited.  Catholic High School does not endorse or make any other representations concerning any of the businesses registered on the Directory.

Msgr. Lawrence Frederick – Executive Director, CHS Foundation/Alumni Association

If you would like to add your business to the list, please email

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