Supplemental Instruction Period (SIP)


Catholic High School is a college-preparatory high school in Little Rock, Arkansas, founded in 1930 that strives to challenge boys academically while also teaching the truths of manhood – faith, integrity, and, as Father Tribou often stressed, duty.


Academic Support

Supplemental Instruction Period (SIP)


Students who participate in AAA sanctioned activities in Arkansas and who do not maintain a semester grade point average of 2.00 must attend a supplemental instruction program (SIP) in the semester following the deficit, as mandated by the AAA.

SIP meets several days a week before school in room 210. Each student remains in SIP the entire semester. He is eligible to participate in AAA sports or activities only if he is in SIP. At the end of the semester, we check the student’s grades again. If the student has a semester grade point average of 2.00, he may drop SIP. If he has improved his GPA by at least .1, but is still below a 2.00, then he will remain in SIP for one additional semester. A student may remain in SIP for two consecutive semesters only. At the end of the second semester in SIP, if his GPA is not 2.00, then he is ineligible. He may continue to practice, but he may not compete.

If the activity is band, he may remain in class, but he cannot participate in competitions. To regain eligibility, he must achieve a 2.00.

For more information on SIP, please contact the main office (501) 664-3939.

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