Catholic High School is a college-preparatory high school in Little Rock, Arkansas, founded in 1930 that strives to challenge boys academically while also teaching the truths of manhood – faith, integrity, and, as Father Tribou often stressed, duty.

The Catholic High School band has been in existence since 1970. Through the years, the band has received superior and excellent ratings at contests and festivals for  concert band and jazz ensemble as well as invitations to play at functions from presidential visits to Miss America Parades to Arkansas Razorback games. The band is a member of ASBOA Region I, and many Catholic High School musicians have been selected as All-Region and All-State members in both concert and jazz bands.  Several students have also been awarded collegiate scholarships based on their high school band accomplishments.

The Catholic High Bands include:

  • the concert band (CHS Wind Ensemble),
  • the jazz band (CHS Jazz Ensemble),
  • the jazz combo,
  • Catholic High School Pep Band,
  • Chamber ensembles.


The various groups perform throughout the year at several school and community events including the annual Winter and Spring Concert Celebrations, contests, and festivals.  The bands also include opportunities for study and performance in Popular Music Ensembles.  Band meets as a class during the school day at Catholic High School; however, some of the groups (Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo) meet either before or after school.

Each musician in the Catholic High School Bands is a valued member and their unique musical backgrounds enhance the overall quality of the group.  All are welcome no matter their experience or instrument of choice.  Opportunities to study with local and world-renowned professional musicians are also offered before, during, and after school, and via online resources (FaceTime/Skype).

Private Lessons

Individual study is an integral part of becoming a quality musician as well as getting the most enjoyment and creativity out of performing. Private lessons are offered at Catholic High School through local professionals. Whether your instrument is a woodwind, brass, percussion, etc., a high-quality private instructor will be available to help you enhance and master your skills. Schedules and fees are determined by the individual instructors. Opportunities will also be made available to study with world-renowned and Grammy award winning musicians if a student is interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications are required for band.
No prior experience is required to join band. Everyone is welcome no matter the
instrument they play or the number of years they have played. *Certain contests
only allow particular sets of instruments to participate, however. Opportunities
will be allowed for all students to play a role in those contests.

Is there a fee to participate in band?
There is a small fee ($30) that is collected through registration. There is also a fee associated with private lessons that will be determined by each private
instructor based on their experience and expertise.

Do I need to provide my own instrument?
You will need to provide your own instrument. The school does have the
percussion instruments and some of the larger instruments (tuba, bassoon, etc.),
but students will need to provide their own sticks, mallets, mouthpiece, reeds,
etc. in those instances.

What technology is used in band?
Online resources such as SmartMusic as well as composition software are used
throughout the school year. In addition, Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype are used to
collaborate with other musicians throughout the country and can also be used
for private instruction when desired. Every opportunity for performance utilizing
technology will be explored.

Does Catholic High School have a marching band?
The Catholic High School Pep Band supports athletics by performing in the stands
at all home and various away football games as well as other sporting events
(basketball, soccer) throughout the year. However, we do not march.

For more information on the band program, please contact Matt Golladay, (501) 664-3939 or

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